A few days ago I was out of town at conference. I was exhausted and had a craving to eat beef and French fries. I thought to myself that I have to find a way to say , “No”. So I took myself to a salad bar. I looked for food that was fresh, steamed, or grilled. I filled my plate with asparagus, eggplant, small red potatoes, yellow peppers and a few slices of grilled chicken. For dessert I had grapes. I also had green tea. I find that green tea cuts my appetite.  I was so pleased that I made the right choices.
I know I’m going to make mistakes in my choices, but I’m convinced the best thing is to count that as an indulgence and just get back on track. As a matter of fact, I know of a celebrity nutritionist who encourages people to one day a week have one really delicious indulgence and if they fall off the wagon before their special day, just count that as their indulgence. Yesterday mine was a chocolate peppermint patty.
I have been on elliptical an hour at the time for at least 4 times a week.
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