The most important rule of thumb to remember when you post in order to win:

  Please make sure you are using the challenge hashtag with the CORRECT spelling and no spacing when posting           your pictures on facebook and instagram

  You should copy and paste the following hashtag: #drandreifactschallenge


  1. #drandreifactschallenge
  2. Do all THREE challenges daily (Breakfast, Activities and Sleep)
  3. Review the individual rules for each challenge under theirs rules listed in the INDEX

How do I increase my chances to win?

              When posting don’t forget to use the hashtag  #drandreifactschallenge

              Post an inspirational and/or fun picture or messages

              Post consistently at the same time each day (Consistency and Timing)

              Post every day  (Frequency)

              Post photos of your continued daily FULL FACTS CHALLENGE throughout any Holiday (Triple Points if are doing ALL 3 FACTS Challenges during Holidays including Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day among others)

 5. When do I reset my Challenge?

        On the first of every month (example: January 1st, February 1st ….etc.)

 6. When do I learn if I win?

              Join us at the Next Support Group Meeting