When a bariatric surgery or non-surgical weight loss procedure is an overweight or obese person’s best option, questions about costs and affordability are among the most commonly asked. To help as many patients as possible afford treatment, we are proud to offer financing programs that can help offset weight loss surgery costs, as well as help patients determine whether their insurance will cover the procedure. Here’s a breakdown of what you can take advantage of when you choose Bariatric Associates, P.A.

Insurance Negotiation Services

Regardless of the type of procedure, our starting point with any patient is to analyze – for free – their current insurance benefits to find out if their coverage includes weight loss surgery costs. Our team of expert insurance specialists will determine whether your plan includes bariatric benefits coverage, an aspect of insurance that is typically determined by your employer or spouse’s employer. We’ll also negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf to secure the coverage you deserve.

To begin the conversation with an insurance specialist, call 800-200-5553 or submit the form on the bottom of this page. You’ll be able to schedule an appointment to discuss your bariatric coverage, which varies with every insurance provider. During this time, our knowledgeable staff will assist you with paperwork for your specific carrier and plan.

If a patient’s insurance will not cover the cost of bariatric surgery or non-surgical procedures, we then navigate them through the available financing options that Bariatric Associates, P.A. provides, which we will delve into below.

Prosper Financing Program

If your insurance company won’t cover your weight loss surgery costs, one of two financing options we offer is provided through
Prosper. Its Standard Program offers loan amounts starting at $2,000 and going as high as $35,000, with the annual percentage rate (APR) ranging from 6.95% – 35.99%. To qualify for the Standard Program, patients should have a recommended minimum credit score of 640. Plus, you can receive an instant rate quote that won’t affect your current credit score, and if approved, the funds for your surgery will be directly deposited into your bank account within a matter of days.

Alternatively, patients with a minimum credit score of 740 who may need a larger loan can apply for Prosper’s Exceptional Program. With loan amounts ranging from $20,000 – $100,000 and APRs between 5.74% – 15.44%, you can not only afford your weight loss surgery but cover your expenses while you’re recovering and missing work. You can receive a quote from AutoPay and have your information reviewed by a live loan officer. If approved, you will receive your funds via direct deposit in the same day.

Care Credit Financing Program

You may also be able to get the funding you need to offset your weight loss surgery costs through
Care Credit, a credit card intended for health and wellness needs. With a simple online application form, you can request a credit limit of the approximate amount of your expected procedure cost with a flat APR of 26.99%. Our team of bariatric surgeons and specialists will provide you with an estimated cost for your procedure during your complimentary consultation to make applying for the Care Credit loan as simple as possible.

Get Started Today

If you’re considering a bariatric procedure, don’t delay – your long-term health depends on it. To get started, schedule an appointment with our expert insurance specialists by
contacting us today. We’ll either be able to put together a medical necessity package for approval through your insurance, or if your insurance won’t cover your weight loss surgery costs, we’ll point you in the right direction to one of our available financing programs that is right for you.

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