The most important rule of thumb to remember when you post in order to win:

  Please make sure you are using the challenge hashtag with the CORRECT spelling and no spacing

  You should copy and paste the following hashtag: #drandreifactschallenge


  1. #drandreifactschallenge
  2. Every evening post a picture of message of your sleep routine

How do I increase my chances to win?

              When posting don’t forget to use the hashtag  #drandreifactschallenge

              Post an inspirational and/or fun sleep routine picture

              Post consistently at the same time each day (Consistency and Timing)

              Post every day  (Frequency)

              Post photos of your continued daily FACTS challenges throughout any Holiday (Double Points if are doing FACTS during Holidays including Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day among others)

 4. When do I reset my Challenge?

        On the first of every month (example: January 1st, February 1st ….etc.)

 5. When do I learn if I win?

              Join us at the Next Support Group Meeting