Yesterday I tried to push myself to go to gym and workout on elliptical but I didn’t make it. My daughter was back from her first year at college, and we met at one of our favorite restaurants for our traditional breakfast of Eggs Benedict. As the waiter put the English muffins with Canadian bacon, eggs and hollandaise, I heard my conscience saying, “Stop, what are you doing? You know that this is very high in fat, calories and cholesterol.”
Then when I looked it up, it was almost 600 calories. If I had simply had two poached eggs on whole wheat toast, it would have added up to half of that, and much less fat, and cholesterol. But it is hard for me to give up my traditions, especially with my daughter. If only I could have gotten myself to the gym and worked out on the elliptical, I could have burned off around 780 calories. But my resolve to put in the hard work of not indulging myself was low. Tomorrow I will eat my snacks and my chicken cutlet with nutritious salad, and hop back on the elliptical!
There are 23 days left until the Walk.
Dr. Andrei


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