On my way to work, at 5:30 this morning, I again thought about the wonderful man who came to me for surgery. He had diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, and high lipids, all of which means he was at high risk for heart attack. He was only in his forties, and a father of young children. Like many men I’ve been seeing lately, he’s overweight but not obese; nevertheless, if he gains any more weight he might die.
I thought of my own progress in preparing for the Walk: I’ve lost about ten pounds; I’ve been on the Elliptical at least 4 times a week; I’ve cut out bread and alcohol; I’m eating more vegetables; but I still skip meals and snacks and this increases my hunger and bad food choices. But I’m on the right road and going forward I am going to try and snack every two to three hours on apples, carrots, rice cakes, or pears. Having Amy’s frozen foods available for lunch and/or dinner saves me from ordering junk food and over eating.
I hope to see you tomorrow.
Dr. Andrei

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