We know what are you’re thinking, “Is it smart or wise, to go ahead with weight-loss surgery in this time of COVID-19 when you may feeling confused, stunned, even terrified?”. Yes, we believe it is smart. Especially in this extreme time of personal and financial upheaval, when you need to do everything you can to smartly and thoroughly prepare yourself for what’s ahead. When it comes to your health, it is exactly the choices we make, in extreme situations that can result in our proudest victories; these times will not defeat us.

We know that the comorbidities of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and respiratory illness give COVID-19 a lethal edge; but you are not defenseless; research has shown that gastric bypass, can reverse Type 2 diabetes, cause substantial weight loss, and improve blood pressure. There are a several other interesting weight-loss surgical procedures, we can discuss, that can similarly protect you.

Equally important, we have designed a program that will help you build a solid foundation of nutritional understanding and body training to give you strength and endurance. Typically, our program of nutrition and strength training lasts 6-8 months prior to surgery. During the COVID-19 shelter at home, Dr. Andrei invites you to join him, free of charge, in his telemedicine programs, with no obligation to undergo weight-loss surgery. His entire staff is committed to helping you achieve your optimum health as we enter this brave new world.

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