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Have you tried losing weight through diet and exercise but were unsuccessful? Is your body mass index (BMI) too low to be eligible for bariatric surgery? Or are you simply looking for a non-surgical weight loss solution? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Dr. Andrei and the expert team at Bariatric Associates, P.A. may recommend a gastric balloon. Here’s a closer look at this non-invasive, reversible procedure that can help you shed the excess weight.

What Is a Gastric Balloon?

With no surgery, incisions, or stitches required, a gastric balloon procedure takes around 30 minutes and typically allows patients to leave the hospital within the same day. It entails the insertion of a soft silicone balloon, which enters through the throat and is placed in the stomach. The balloon is then inflated with a saline solution and sealed, occupying roughly 40% of the stomach. While a light anesthetic is utilized to keep patients comfortable, a gastric balloon is one of the most minimally invasive weight loss procedures available today.

Temporary Insertion for Long-Term Results

For those who do not want to commit to a life-long, surgical alteration to their body, a gastric balloon offers similar long-term results. Typically, the silicone balloon is left inside patients’ stomachs for up to six months, during which time they will feel satisfied by smaller amounts of food. Paired with other healthy lifestyle changes, this enables patients to achieve about three times the amount of weight loss than through diet and exercise alone.

Always in Control

If necessary or desired, the balloon can be removed at any point after its insertion, so you can feel fully in control of your body and your weight loss. Ultimately, this procedure is designed to help patients lose weight while establishing habits that can sustain that weight loss long after the balloon’s removal. So once the balloon is removed, gastric balloon patients are equipped with the necessary tools to stay happy and healthy on their own.

Reduced Risk for Disease

Like most bariatric procedures, a gastric balloon can reduce patients’ risk for obesity-related diseases. This includes reducing patients’ likelihood of developing diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and more. Plus, this procedure also offers psychological benefits, such as an increase in self-esteem and a reduced risk for depression. If you have one or more obesity-related diseases, consult with Dr. Andrei to see if a gastric balloon procedure could help you along the road to better health.

Trust the Experts

When it comes to non-surgical weight loss procedures, it’s no wonder why so many patients prefer the benefits offered by the gastric balloon. But only bariatric practitioners like Dr. Andrei and the expert team at Bariatric Associates, P.A. can determine whether you are an ideal candidate. With experience performing over 4,000 weight loss procedures, Dr. Andrei will discuss all of your options during your and navigate you towards the path to long-term success. To learn more, request an appointment with Dr. Andrei today.


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