Walk the Walk with Dr. Andrei

Physical Distancing: The Social Experience


Week long event during the summer that starts every Saturday after our Straight FACTS Talk with Dr.Andrei.

The history of Walk the Walk with Dr.Andrei:

For many years we tried to live and act by the words we say, and using FACTS, we started to have our Walk the Walk events. Unfortunately, due to the current health crisis, though we don't want to give up on our beautiful and enriching experiences, we'll have to adjust to social distancing. 

So let's go virtual! 

The social distancing experience:

On May 30th we invite everyone and their families (or those who they are quarantining with) to participate in our virtual walk/run. For this event, we ask everyone to walk/run a route of their choosing, as we all individually do the same.

That's not even the best part! What Walk the Walk event would be complete without a little healthy competition? During your walk/run, please film a short video of yourself with a positive and healthy message (don't forget to be creative)! If someone's doing the walk with you, be sure to include them! After you finish the walk/run, come back to this page and submit your video so that we could put together a montage of all the participants. We'll even award prizes to the most creative videos!

Also, if you're feeling extra competitive and have a walk/run mobile app handy that can record your distance and time, send us a screenshot of your final results. Of course, prizes will be award for the fastest and longest walks/runs in various categories.

What will I need to participate?

Here's what you need to participate:

  • Walking / athletic apparel
  • Smart Phone or Video Recording Device
  • Friends / family to help with filming (optional)
  • Mobile Application to track your distance and time (i.e. Couch to 5k, Pacer, Strava) - See image below to see what kind of photo(s) you will need to submit

Rules and tips to be a contender:

  • Make sure to practice safe and smart social distancing!
  • If the route you plan to walk is in a populated area, be sure to wear a mask when reasonable.
  • Please record one video that lasts no more than 30 seconds with the following: an introduction of you and your team, where you're walking /running, and a positive, healthy message! Extra points will be awarded for creativity. light-hearted humor!
  • If you plan on submitting your time/distance, please take a screenshot(s) of the app you used that clearly shows the times/distance, and, if available, the map of the route.

Where do I upload my videos and images?

Once you have collected your images / videos, please click here to submit them. (1 GB per file size limit, 5 files max):

If you have any questions, please text Dr.Andrei directly at 973-255-9979 or you can email DrAndrei@bariatricassociates.com. In your text or email please provide us the following information: First name, last name, cell phone number, and your email address.


Walk the Walk - Video Contest #1